Discover Noronha

Ícone mar de Fernando de Noronha - Vila Salga

What makes your soul vibrate?

Have you ever wondered?

Fernando de Noronha is among the best destinations in Brazil and is part of the State of Pernambuco. Breathtaking landscapes, surprising charms and unforgettable delicacies: more than just contemplating nature, you let yourself be carried away by it.

Here, life has another pace, in which the sunset mobilizes meetings and marks the passage of time.

Blue, green and crystal waters reveal the most beautiful beaches in the world, such as Sancho Beach and Porcos Bay. Numerous hiking trails reveal paths and passages. The National Marine Park exhibits a real natural aquarium, with sea turtles, dolphins and an immense fauna. Incredible tubular waves mark the season from December to March in Noronha – Brazilian Hawaii.

The island welcomes everyone looking to connect with nature. And at Vila Salga Inn, we go through every detail to make this experience unique, offering comfort, hospitality and the best accommodation without giving up what defines us: simplicity.

Walk lightly and breathe deeply. Discover Noronha with Vila Salga.